EN language bundle (SMALL)


small bundle: pink, blue and green series

EN - Pink series - Montessori language material

Montessori Pink Series - Set of 30, 50 or 60 objects corresponding to CVC words

EN - Blue series - Blends - Montessori language material

Montessori Blue Series - Set of 30 objects corresponding to blends


3 in stock

EN Green series - objects for Nienhuis double sandpaper letters - Montessori language material

Montessori Green Series - Set of 60 objects corresponding to the Nienhuis double sandpaper letters


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3 in stock



Safe money buying the language sets together.
This set includes:
– pink series (30 obj.): CVC words
– blue series (30 obj.): blends
– green series (60 obj.): double sandpaper letters (EE, OO, SH, CH, TH, OY, QU, WH, ER, AR, OR, AI, IE,OA, UE, AU and OU)

Additional information

Additional information

EN - Pink series - Montessori language material


set of 30

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