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EN – Language bundle (BIG)

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big bundle: pink, blue and green series



Safe money buying the language sets together.
This set includes:
– pink series (60 obj.): CVC words
– blue series (30 obj.): blends
– green series: consonant digraphs (40 obj.): CH, CK, NG, PH, QU, SH, TH, WH
– green series: magic E (30 obj.): A_E, I_E, O_E, U_E
– green series: bossy R (30 obj.): AR, ER, IR, OR, UR
– green series: long vowel open syllable (22 obj.): long A, long E, long I, long O, long U
– green series: vowel teams (38 obj.): AI, AY, EA, EE, EY, IE, OA, OW, UE, UI
– green series: vowel diphthongs (21 obj): OI, OY, OU, OW, AU, AW, OO

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