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Circular year calendar



The passage of time is a very important issue in our day to day life. From a very young age, children ask when is their birthday, when they are going to visit someone, etc., but “time” is a difficult concept to explain.

The MIMIA circular calendar brings the abstract concept of time to children in a simple and visual way. They see how small a day is in that big year. If you mark every current day with them (e.g with a sticker or clothespin), they easily see how time is passing, how much it will take until a special date (e.g. birthday) as you can point out such events in advance. Moreover, it helps a lot to explain the meaning of “birthdays”, why we celebrate New Year, why the rhythm of seasons repeats every year…

The MIMIA circular calendar represents one year, including seasons, months, and days. It is a perpetual calendar, so you can use it year after year. The 29th of February is gray to represent a leap year.

The calendar is printed on 100% cotton and has a diameter of approx. 96 cm. It can be machine washed at 30ºC. The calendar comes with a set of labels, 5 crowns of different colors you can use to mark birthdays, and a practical fabric bag to store it.

The MIMIA circular calendar can be used by children of different ages, whether they can read or not. It is your choice to use the labels or not (yet). The calendar comes with one set of color-coded labels (months and seasons) in the language of your choice and velcro dots. The calendar comes with velcro patches sewn on it. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU DON’T WANT VELCRO SEWN ON THE CALENDAR. You can include more labels (e.g. another language) if you want to. I offer extra sets of labels here. The same (or similar) colors as those in typical Waldorf and Montessori calendars have been used. The labels are made of laminated canvas, being safe (no sharp edges), and durable.

The MIMIA circular calendar can be used in many ways at school or at home.
– To mark day after day the square of that day to observe how time is passing
– To understand seasonal changes
– To indicate relevant annual events or events such as birthdays, exits, appointments…
– To learn the names of the months and seasons
– For the Montessori Birthday Celebration (a celebration of life ceremony).
– To talk about how the days have gone, how much time is left for that date to happen again, how long has it been since …?

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Additional information


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2 reviews for Fabric circular anual calendar

  1. kaori inadome

    Iwas very happy with the wonderful product. thanks!

  2. Kaelin

    Eva is a wonderful small business owner. She communicated immediately with messages to update me on my purchase. Not only did I appreciate her friendly customer service but her handmade product is exceptional. You can tell she put a lot of time and effort into her craft and I am really pleased with it!!!

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