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Set of language objects with phonetic beginning sounds to make your Montessori alphabet sound box in English. Includes PDF with word cards.

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This set of small objects (trinkets, charms, beads, buttons, miniatures, cabochons, small toys, etc.) is perfect to start your English Montessori Alphabet Sound Box.

The miniatures represent words that start with the PHONETIC letter sound (e.g. for “I” you may get “infant”, but not “ice”). Blends at the beginning of the word have been avoided in order to make it easier to isolate the beginning sound (e.g. for “F” you may get “fish”, but not “frog”).

The English set includes:
set of 26 objects:
– 26 easily recognizable objects (1 for each letter of the alphabet).
– a downloadable PDF with word cards for each miniature. Word cards come in capital letters, lowercase print, and cursive.

set of 50 objects:
– 50 easily recognizable objects (1-3 for each letter of the alphabet).
– a downloadable PDF with word cards for each miniature. Word cards come in capital letters, lowercase print, and cursive.

set of 100 objects:
– 100 easily recognizable objects (2-4 for each letter of the alphabet).
– a downloadable PDF with word cards for each miniature. Word cards come in capital letters, lowercase print, and cursive.

set of 100 objects + extra digraphs:
– 100 easily recognizable objects (2-4 for each letter of the alphabet).
– 18 objects starting with digraphs CH, PH, SH, TH, and WH (3-4 objects for each digraph)
– a downloadable PDF with word cards for each miniature. Word cards come in capital letters, lowercase print, and cursive.

You will receive the objects on the photo, although colors may vary. Rarely an object may be different, but it will be for the same word (e.j. A wooden elephant instead of a plastic one).

About the letter X: This set includes 2 words that start with the letter X (X-ray and xylophone), as this set isn’t purchased only for the Montessori alphabet sound box. However, the letter X does not present one phonetic sound and should not be included in the beginning sound box.

The size of the items is more or less 1-4 cm, most items are 2-3 cm.

*** Not suitable for children under the age of 3 without adult supervision. ***

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Reviews (31)

31 reviews for EN – ABC objects – Montessori language material

  1. Megan Zweig

    Love these! Very cute though very tiny. Perfect for eye spy games and color sorting and alphabetizing!

  2. Monica Huge

    Items were just as expected, and Eva took great care to ensure I was happy with my order. Thank you!

  3. Mac Hementera

    Very pleased with the items though some are really small than I expected. Most of the objects are flat buttons. My only comment is that some of the items are not as realistic, as it is preferred to be more realistic in Montessori approach. Otherwise, everything is great.

  4. Maria Yakushina

    I really liked the quality of the objects. My son looked and played with them from the first time and we will use them for all our Montessori games.

  5. Alyson Dietze

    Everything was great and my son loves the little objects. He is just starting to be interested in sounds so this was a great purchase for me. I wish that Indian with the object sent (a Native American) was not used anymore for the i sound since it is not the appropriate word anymore. I just left it out of my son‘s materials.

  6. Bianca

    Really cute items, speedy delivery to Australia, wonderful communication, highly recommend 🙂

  7. Stacy Griffith

    The pieces that were included were really good and easy to understand what sound went with which letter. The sheet of words were very helpful to separate the objects for the sounds. Thank you!

  8. Vanessa

    really thoughtful choices for trinkets! I’ve been eyeing these types of kits for over a year! my 20 month old son and I spent over 30 min looking at all the items and naming them and then we had to make dinner and put them away (too small to leave alone to play with) and he was upset! He loves it. thank you

  9. Julie

    So glad we found Mimia Montessori! We love her materials!

  10. Brenda

    Very cute! Excited to let my little one play!. Thank you!.

  11. Olga Shulman

    Just what I needed for my ABC box.

  12. Stella

    Lovely product, fast shipping and lovely customer service! Thank you very much Eva! One thing to consider : The objects are very small (about 2 cm).

  13. aliminette

    This is perfect and saved me the time of trying to round up sound objects on my own.

  14. Olivia Gourley

    Great variety of little trinkets for alphabet/phonics learning. Can’t wait to use in our home classroom!

  15. Scribbles for Littles

    LOVE these objects. We combined them with my son’s sandpaper letters and he is having so much fun with them. Highly recommend.

  16. Gabrielle

    I received my items carefully packaged, I can’t wait to use them with the children. The seller, Eva, also writes beautifully worded messages which are so appreciated. They make the experience of buying from her very special. I definitely recommend her shop, and will order again.

  17. Jordan Otto

    Perfect objects for my little montessori man. I added a handful of my own finds because I love to find mini stuff, but this was a great base set.

  18. Amber Harnisch

    Wonderful communication and excellent quality item. My twins and I delighted in looking through all the trinkets and sorting them into our alphabet tray! These are going to be such fun for language / letter recognition games. Thank you so much.

  19. pri ya

    My class loves these.. i purchased them at the beginning of September and so glad I did. I was just waiting to see the response before posting a review here. The miniatures are so cute that so many are missing already (I wonder who carries them home 🤣 lol!)

  20. Fiona Warden

    Sent and delivered quickly and packaged beautifully. A great range of objects.

  21. Crystal Ngu Jie Yin

    Items met our needs! Thank you!

  22. Ghislaine MacPherson

    Very cute little objects. Yes does match the description but much smaller than expected. Still very well done.

  23. Ali

    She was very pleasant and was in contact throughout the ordering and shipping process. She packed all my miniatures very well and received the package intact. The parts were as expected.

  24. Lauren

    Eva was amazing! She messaged me as soon as I ordered and let me know what was happening every step of the way. When the order arrived everything was great. The product is exactly what I was expecting!

  25. Brittany Hazeldine

    Very happy with the quick delivery and customer service. I will definitely be ordering from this company again – Great experience! Highly recommend 🙂

  26. hrhapple

    These miniatures are wonderful in quality! Communication was so great and everything shipped in a timely manner. Highly recommend!

  27. Heidi

    The kids love it! They play with it all the time. Ages almost 1.5, 3, and 5. Great for language development and imaginative play

  28. enabrophy

    This is an excellent product and just what I needed. Some of the silver pieces are harder to make out but they do the job. The seller is excellent with amazing communication along the way. The delivery arrived super fast. Thank you.

  29. Tomi Wille

    As a phonics teacher, I love the usefulness of this set for helping students learn letter sounds in a multisensory manner. Although it is explained up front, I do have an issue with using xylophone for the /x/ or /ks/ sound (although she is correct that x can make the /z/ sound–I just teach very beginning readers). I just switched it out in one set for a toy T-Rex dinosaur and in another set for a small box to focus on the ending sound of the letter x in words. Also, some of the items are very small. Overall, great quality and service.

  30. Stephanie

    They are perfect! The shipping was fast and protected. Seller was kind and on top of her shop! Can’t wait to shop again!

  31. Mariola

    Quality is very good but they are very small. Too small for us to work in our preschool and with Montessori wooden alfabet.

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